4 Unique Advertising Ideas that Will Attract Customers


Advertising is becoming increasing difficult with the online revolution that is allowing endless amounts of competitors to cheaply advertise their products or services. As a result, businesses need to use creative and eye-catching advertisements in order to keep attracting customers.

The Power of Free Products and Services
Giving away free products or services is one of the best ways to raise brand awareness and engage customers. It allows the company to demonstrate the value of their product or service. It will create a long lasting impression, especially if it is an item like a tote bag or item of clothing. For example, an office products store could offer free printing to the first ten customers or they could hand out useful items, such as fun sticky pads or pens. On the other hand, an athletic store could feature a free miniature golf exhibit that customers can play for free. If they score well, they could win a prize.

Double Discounts
Customers are drawn to stores that regularly offer discounts, which are a low cost way to get customers in the store. Everyone loves discounts, but when stores offer them, they often prohibit discounts being combined with other offers. Therefore, consider offering exclusive discounts in conjunction with special sales. Additionally, consider collaborating with another local business to offer mutually beneficial deals. For example, when customers purchase something at one store, they automatically receive an exclusive offer at a nearby local store.

Consumers not only enjoy winning contests, but they also enjoy playing too. Contests are a very interactive way to build brand awareness and engage customers. Consequently, businesses should regularly host engaging contests that encourage contact with the public and promote their products or services. For example, a store that sells baby clothing could host a cutest baby contest with the winner being awarded a well-paying gift card. On the other hand, a sport and outdoor store could host an athletic contest where contestants compete against each other for expensive camping items.

Social Media Engagement
Social media is quickly becoming the primary platform that businesses engage and communicate with customers. Social media platforms offer many distinctive ways for companies to advertise their products or services. Customer driven content is one of the best ways to create meaningful content while covertly advertising their business. For example, create an online private membership program that offers distinct benefits and allows members to review products or services.

All in all, creative advertising plays a critical role in supporting a company’s sales and marketing activities. Distinct advertising techniques, such as free products, double discounts and contests, will increase awareness of a company. Additionally, customer created content through social media platforms is an important way for companies to advertise their services.

Betty Abernathy

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