5 Party Ideas for your Artistic Child’s Birthday


Your little artist is having a birthday and you want their day to be just as creative as they are. Birthday in a Box has a kit that you can purchase, or you can do it yourself. Here are five ideas for your child’s next birthday party:

Cupcake Decorating
One of the best things about a birthday party is the cake. So why not let your child, and everyone else’s, show their artistic ability by decorating their own cupcake. Make the cupcakes yourself at home or order plain cupcakes from a local bakery. Grab a couple cans of icing and some fun sprinkles at the grocery store and place them in bowls around a table, so they are in easy arm reach for the kids. Make sure to include spoons with icing. The kids will love digging into a cupcake that they just created themselves.

Grab Bag/Favor Bag Decorating
Kids love getting favor bags at the end of a party, so letting them decorate their own bag only adds to their excitement. All you need is some basic paper bags (even brown lunch bags will work!), stickers, and crayons. Make sure each kid puts their name on their bag for easy identification later. When they are all done, collect them and stuff them with your chosen goodies.

Paint a Picture
Set up a paint station for one of their activities. If you have access to a set of easels, that is great. If not, just cover a couple of table with either newspapers or a disposable table cloth. Give each child a large piece of paper or a blank canvas and let them get their creativity on. Let the kids get really creative by setting up a brushless paint station.

Need an activity that doesn’t involve paint? Try sculpting. Give each kid a container of Play-Doh as their sculpting clay. Call out a birthday item (candle, cupcake, balloon, etc.) and give the kids a set amount of time to try and sculpt them out of the Play-Doh. Allow them to show them off and then have the smash them to get ready for the next sculpture. They can take the Play-Doh home as their favor, as an added bonus!

Your child is an artist, so let them show off their skills by creating some of the decorations. Let them make the signs that will lead to the party, or if they can’t write yet, let them decorate them. Have them make pictures that will hang around the party. They will love getting to show off their abilities to all of the guests.

Betty Abernathy

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