5 Ways Proxies Keep Your Business Safe and Secure

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Protecting the business servers should be atop the list of priorities to prioritize for your business especially if the servers hold customer information that is sensitive. This is the reason why the security experts that rank among the top in the world opine that using proxies is one sure way of protecting your business as they block any direct access of the business network. A proxy is the server that often sits between the user and the internet and it manages the incoming and outgoing traffic. Below are some instances which point exactly how this technology is used to keep businesses safe and secure.

Maintaining Safety

When the business has a proxy server well in place, it is able to be in control of all the traffic that comes into its network as well as out of it. The proxy can be set in such a way that it would be able to monitor traffic as well identify any type of issues that may arise. This control enables the business to easily recognize the instance of any unusual behavior taking place.

Blocking the Access to Websites

If you wish to get the maximum of your employee’s productivity and energy, you can block access to some websites they frequent when they should be working. Blocking access to some websites is important as it reduces the chances of users in your business from accessing sites that could turn out to be dangerous to the servers. There are some sites that have the potential to open your business network to the hackers.

Improving Marketing Efforts

Businesses are wholly committed to improving their efforts at marketing. The proxy servers are also helpful in attaining the same as they are capable of getting URLs and keywords from the search engines that are deemed popular. This enables the business to readjust its marketing SEO strategy by use of a private proxy to monitor web traffic. This offers a business a competitive edge over its competition.

Hiding Your Identity

As the business team or staff go surfing the internet, the IP address they use is exposed to third parties. It is possible for such information to land in the hands of unscrupulous people who can utilize it to do illegal activities and cause the same to be traced to your business. The proxy servers take care of this issue of leaving a digital print by hiding your business IP address. This allows you and your team to surf the internet without any limitations thus opening up more markets and opportunities.

Faster Surfing

Proxy servers enable fast surfing through caching websites that have been visited. This makes it possible for your team to visit the cached pages without the need to go looking for them again. This increases surfing speeds and frees resources. Click here for more information on this point.


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