8 Creative Pottery Painting Ideas


There are several styles to use when decorating your pottery, both before firing and afterwards, and it can be a little confusing choosing the right style. Decorating pottery doesn’t have to be difficult; in fact, painting pottery is so easy people have been doing it since prehistoric times. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Stencils: This method will add life to a plain pot. Place a stencil on a pot and paint around it, or even try using a cookie cutter and paint inside of it.


Make it metal: Choose a metallic craft paint or spray paint in a shiny hue. Nail polish is an option for added sheen. Leave it shiny or dab green or black on the edges of the pot for a natural-looking patina.


Ombre: Place water in a pot that’s larger than the one you want to paint. Mix in water color paint. Completely submerge the smaller pot, then very slowly pull it out, allowing the paint to soak deeper though the part you want to be darker.


Chevron: Chevron is a popular pattern that adds a pop of color to anything drab. Choose two colors, or choose one color that will complement the natural color of the pot. Paint the lighter of the two colors over the whole pot, and when it dries, place painter’s tape over the pot in zig zags, creating the Chevron pattern. Paint the open areas with the second color. Remove the painter’s tape, and voila! You’ll have a pot fit for Charlie Brown.


Sponge Paint: To jazz up your d├ęcor, dip an old sponge in brightly colored craft paint, then dab onto the pot. Go gently for light dots, or make it rough to the touch with a heavy hand.


Stamps: Using stamps and stamp ink or paint, create a pretty picture on a plain clay pot by rolling it firmly onto the desired surface. For added flair, paint in the details with colorful craft paint or outline your favorite parts with a shiny permanent marker.


Drip Paint: Using thin or watered-down paint, drip tiny dots around the top rim of the pot. Alternate colors for a festive look. Or, flip the pot over to create movement from the bottom.


Finger Paint: Be a kid and get your hands dirty. Dip your fingers in pools of paint and smear it all over the surface of the pot. While it’s messy, the shape and texture of your finger will add an interesting look to your masterpiece.


With all painting, make sure you leave every piece time to properly dry; happy painting.


Betty Abernathy

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