Business Strategy: How to Increase Consumer Action


Do you think it is easier to persuade someone else of something, or easier for them to persuade themselves? Of course people buy what they want, but when people buy what they naturally desired as opposed to what they were convinced they should want, the overall sales experience becomes enjoyable, and in effect, more customers take action and make a purchase. But when it comes to actually getting the consumers to take action, the key rests in your ability to captivate their attention then convert into them into customers. Once you have earned their business the first time, you want to connect and engage with them to gain their loyalty. So, how do you do that?

While the internet has become the best way to attract customers and make sales, the best results and highest sales rates are accomplished when the online marketing materials have been optimized. Optimizing your marketing materials is actually more simple than it sounds because it is all about small details. Using high ranking keywords in your headlines helps the search engines find your marketing every time a person searches for those words. Once the consumer has found your website and is reviewing your material, the hope is they make a purchase. The simple fact is, people have to be told or reminded to take action. For that reason, using motivating and enticing calls-to-actions increases the amount of people who actually make a purchase instead of walking away.

Once you have attracted a new customer, the task is to encourage them to engage with you on social media. In order to do that, you need the customers to take action and associate with your company through social media or other mediums. While the power of social media comes from the ability to interact with your audience, the main goal of that communication is to entice them into returning as a repeat customer. Entice consumers into joining your online community by offering exclusive deals to new subscribers or provide access to members-only freebies, gifts or contests. Not only should you use calls-to-actions to motivate your customers to engage with your company on social media, but you should also use them in your posts. By instructing them to click links, download coupons or share a post, you will get more consumers to take action.

Betty Abernathy

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