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5 Innovative Ways 3D Scanning Can Change your Business

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3D scanning is revolutionizing how businesses design, develop, test and manufacture products. In actual fact, 3D scanning technology can be used during any stage of the manufacturing process to save time, materials and most important, money. 3D scanning directly results in better quality and fitting parts that cost less to manufacture. Industry experts note that typical manufacturing costs can be reduced by 50 to 70 percent through using 3D scanning technology.

The Design Process
Normally, the design process begins when a prototype is created to conceptualize the product idea. This normally involves an industrial technician who creates a foam or clay lead prototype. Similar to 3D printing, 3D scanning allows the project’s team to digitize and experiment with different objects. This is a great way to start the project out right, because all key members of the design team will be able to translate and adjust their product vision with only a few mouse clicks. This is a very efficient and effective way to explore different product conceptualizations.

The Manufacturing Process
After 3D scanning creates a basic approved CAD model, the design team will be able to add details and incorporate other objects into the existing design. For example, a simple piece of equipment will need multiple CAD models to be accurately incorporated into the master design. Being able to digitally perform reverse engineer will ensure that the actual parts fit better on a consistent basis. Thus, these CAD designs will optimize the engineering process.

The Prototype Process
3D scanning can be utilized during the prototype stage in many ways. For example, the best benefit of 3D designing is actually reducing the total amounts most common is actually to reduce the number of prototype design cycles necessary. Therefore, instead of an expensive and time consuming process, a the prototype is actually a single 3D scan data that results in precise measurements that will be used to create a perfect prototype.

The Production Process
When parts are actually being made, 3D scanning can be used to digitally capture changes. This may involve an experienced professional hand crafting, or tooling, the part to make minor adjustments. Through 3D scanning, modifications and optimizations performed by hand can be easily transferred from tool to tool to ensure that all parts are identically manufactured. Furthermore, 3D scanning can also be used to analyze tool wear during the production process.

Quality Control
3D scanning integrates well into quality control programs. For example, regular quality control involves a manufacturing expert who inspects the shape and size of all parts to detect any issues, such as parts that are warped. However, 3D scanning can easily be used in conjunction with a visual inspection, which will result in a highly accurate report created through statistical analysis software. Overall, quality control during the initial design stage will drastically increase the cost effectiveness of the project.

In the end, 3D scanning can be used during every phase of the manufacturing process to improve quality and efficiency, as well as reduce wasted time and money.


5 Ways to Improve your Cloud Storage


Not so long ago, cloud computing was still a mystery to most people, and as a result rolled out of the gates with less momentum then it probably should have.

Times have really changed. In recent years, cloud computing has become virtually invaluable too many individuals, businesses, and even government organizations. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, but chief among them is the nearly unlimited data storage as well as the flexibility of being able to use many different kinds of programs remotely.

This being said, even cloud-based operations can use some improvement from time to time. One such improvement that truly has the ability to take just about any business to another level is cloud storage.

This article will take a closer look at this subject and will provide our readers with five great ways in which just about anyone can improve the quality of their cloud storage.


One of the big complaints many businesses have concerning the cloud is the issue of lost and missing files. This situation usually comes about because there is a disconnect between the data on the clowd and the data on the home servers of the organization. The good news is, this situation is easily resolved. According to Wikipedia by simply syncing cloud storage as well as local storage businesses can avoid having to keep track of everything separately and will suffer from fewer missing files as a result.


As beneficial as synchronizing folders can be, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. It is just as important to be sure to synchronize multiple computers as well. When this is done properly this has the effect of keeping files and folders consistently organized across several local computers. In addition to this, when all of the computers are properly synced, there is no need to worry about moving files from one computer to another, and then to the cloud. All the files will be available on all of the computers, all of the time.


Wise IT professionals are constantly making backups of their data. In many cases, these backups are made locally. The experts at IBM suggest that, in order to create yet another layer of protection, companies should create cloud backups as well. That way, if the worst ever happens to local systems, firms can rest assured in the knowledge that their valuable data is still safe and secure online.


In many situations, computer users will have downloaded material stored locally by default. To make use of the many advantages of cloud-based storage it can be advantageous to have such material stored on the cloud automatically.


One of the best things about online storage is.. storage. What many firms may be unaware of is that there are many ways to win extra storage, for free. In many cases, by simply referring another business to the cloud provider, businesses can themselves be rewarded with extra storage space on the on the cloud.