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Five Benefits of Taking A Private Tour of Italy


Italy is a destination that knows how to inspire. Because of its amazing historic sites and delectable cuisine, Italy is a place to explore with your eyes and taste buds. Instead of booking a group tour or attempting to navigate the country on your own, consider reserving a private tour. The five main benefits of a private tour include:

• Insight from a local
• The ability to set your own travel pace
• Personalized daytrips
• Authentic accommodations
• The option to customize

Local Guidance

A local guide will know the ins and outs of the places that you want to see. They can guide you to the best restaurants since they’ve most likely eaten there. If you see a trendy outdoor café, a private guide will be willing to stop to take a break. He or she will speak the language, so you’ll avoid the unpleasant occurrence of ordering a food item that you don’t like.

The Travel Pace is in Your Hands

During a private tour, the travel pace is up to you. If you want every day filled with activities, then your guide will help you plan them. He or she will work with you to schedule cooking classes, gallery tours and sightseeing expeditions. A personal guide can even arrange to get tickets to shows or sporting events. You also have the option of ensuring that each day features plenty of downtime.

Personalized Daytrips

Regardless of the base city that you select in Italy, you’ll surely want to tour more of the country. If you choose Rome as your base city, then your personal guide can take you on daytrips to the Vatican, the Roman catacombs and the beach. You’ll even be close enough to take a daytrip to Florence. Private tours let you learn more about a site. For instance, if you take a private Roman catacomb tour, you’ll hear about the site’s little-known ghoulish past.

Authentic Accommodations

Your local guide can make accommodations for you in the country’s most authentic inns. To interact with residents and experience more of Italy’s culture, ask your guide to book your room in a traditional bed and breakfast. In Italy, the owners typically live onsite, and they tend to interact with their guests. You’ll also get the chance to enjoy breakfasts featuring food options like pastries, cheese and fruit.

A Trip Tailored for You

A personal tour will be tailored to your interests. If history enthralls you, then your guide will take you to Pompeii to see the remarkably preserved ancient city. The Colosseum is another popular site that is sure to be on the historical section of your travel itinerary. If art is more your preference, then make sure that your tour includes a trip to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and the Vatican Museums.

See More with Your Own Guide

A private tour of Italy will give you the opportunity to see the sites that most intrigue you. The travel option will let you overschedule yourself with activities or relax while soaking in the sites. By touring the country with an expert, you’ll receive an inside look at a country steeped in history and culture.


7 Things You Must See in San Diego


According to U.S. News, a trip here will prove there is little reason to leave the city while visiting. There is so much to do from the beaches to the cliffs that San Diego’s natural wonders are sure to provide excitement for days. Here are seven of the things that you must see while in San Diego.

1. Mission Beach

Mission Beach is one of the most popular beaches in San Diego, due to its proximity to nearby attractions. This 2-mile beach is a popular spot for San Diego locals, which brings visitors into the authentic scene of the city. Also, seals happen to frequent this beach, so there is often some wildlife to see. An the northern edge of Mission Beach is a landmark feature, the Giant Dipper rollercoaster. Luckily for daytime visitors, there are many places along the boardwalk to grab lunch.

2. Gaslamp Quarter

Gaslamp Quarter is filled with Victorian-style buildings that house a variety of restaurants, shops, and art galleries. This area includes some of the city’s most popular nightlife destinations. The Horton Plaza is a great place to start in the Gaslamp Quarter, as it is an outdoor shopping center. The side streets home beautiful architecture and there is even a trolley available for an Old Town tour.

3. Coronado Island

Just across the Coronado Bridge lies a beautiful place to see the downtown San Diego skyline. The Huffington Post claims Coronado Island to be a small town within a big city due to the local boutique shops, historical hotels, restaurants and cafes.

4. San Diego Zoo

This zoo is one of the most famous in the country, widely known for its large natural habitats. There are almost 4,000 different species within the walls of the San Diego zoo, and space to house them all. This expansive zoo gives hours of fun with everything it offers. The trails and pathways lead visitors throughout the zoo alongside wildlife, so there is always something exciting to see.

5. Balboa Park

This park is the centerpiece of the city’s culture. Located right in the heart of downtown, Balboa Park is a sought after place for a walk, bike ride or picnic. The park has many gardens and beautiful Spanish-Renaissance architecture. Because this is such an attraction for the locals, there is a lot of people watching to be done. This iconic park is a must-see due to its authenticity.

6. USS Midway Museum

The USS Midway Museum shows visitors what life is like atop a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier. Aboard this 20th century aircraft carrier, there are 60 different exhibits. The self-guided audio tour lets people move at their desired pace. Some of the top attractions on this tour are the crew’s sleeping quarters, the ship’s jail, the engine room, and the flight control room. Docents are also present on board the ship to provide extra information for guests. Two flight simulators are also included in the museum, which is a great added touch to the excitement.

7. Torrey Pines

This natural reserve consists of 1700 acres of numerous types of plant life, but it is particularly known to house the Torrey Pine. The Torrey Pine is one of America’s most rare pine trees. This beautiful and well known area is great for a day full of hiking and bird-watching. Eight miles of trails are available for visitors. Scenic hikes go through cliffs overlooking the Pacific. There are also two secluded shorelines for swimming opportunities.