Elder Care: Help Keep Their Independence

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If you are caring for an elderly loved one, it is important for you to show patience and kindness of them as your loved one’s mobility diminishes. It can be easy for you to become impatient and take over your loved one’s responsibilities.

However, it is best that your elderly loved one remain independent as long as possible. Here are a few suggestions that can help you encourage your elderly loved one to be independent.

Promote Exercise and an Active Lifestyle
Movement is a necessity of life. It keeps the heart pumping, and it increases the endorphins in the brain. Your loved one should keep an active lifestyle.

When you visit your loved one, encourage your elder to take walks around the yard, block or park. You could purchase an exercise DVD that can be used in the home.

Encourage your loved one to go shopping, take trips or complete crossword puzzles. Keeping an active lifestyle¬†will improve your loved one’s self-esteem.

Encourage Socialization
Your elderly loved one needs to socialize and interact with peers. Elderly people who isolate themselves become depressed.

Encourage your loved one to call friends on the telephone. You could also schedule social events for your loved one’s companions. Maintaining relationships with friends will enable your loved one to be independent.

Empower Them to Make Decisions
Your loved one’s mind may be slowing down, but it does not mean that your elder is not able to make choice. Making decisions will provide your loved one with mental stimulation.

Encourage Independent Living
It might be more convenient for your loved one to live with you. However, encourage your elder to live alone for as long as possible. Moving to another home may cause your loved one to feel as if life is slipping away.

If it is not possible for your loved one to live independently, be considerate as you discuss this matter with your elder. Create a space in your home or elder care facility that enables your loved one to have a sense of control.

One way you could do this is by allowing your loved one to decorate the space. Allow your elder to have privacy in the new space.

Use At-Home Delivery Services
Elders who have difficulty driving do not have to miss out on getting their essential items. There are plenty of services that will deliver food, medical supplies and personal care items to their homes. These services enable elders to get their needs met without having to ask for help.

Elderly loved ones do not have to abandon their independence. There are plenty of things to help them lead independent lives.

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