Fencing Feng Shui: 3 Fencing Trends for 2016


Fences are not simply structures that separate property lines. They provide a background for landscaping and a setting for outdoor activities. Fencing enjoys trends like other design elements. Today’s homeowners want their fencing to provide a distinctive look to their properties so that they can better enjoy outdoor relaxing, dining and entertaining in an attractive environment. Here are some fencing designs that help to create a conducive atmosphere for these activities:

Horizontal Lines
In the past, fencing was commonly placed in vertical slats or panels that could be either separated or overlapped to provide privacy and security. However, current trends are moving toward horizontal slats that create a more restful feeling in yard areas. Horizontal lines draw the human eye along the length of the fence instead of up and down, which provides a sense of spaciousness and movement.

Staggered Heights
Fencing set in staggered heights is becoming a popular trend because it adds more interest instead of straight lines at the top. Staggered fencing can follow the natural contours of a property, which gives yard areas a more fluid feeling. In rural areas or those where wildlife intrusion is a problem, the staggered panels should be at least 8 feet high to keep out deer and other animals that can easily leap lower sections when they smell tasty vegetation on the other side. In addition, fencing should also be set into the ground to avoid animals that are prone to burrowing under fences to reach food.

Dark Backgrounds
In recent years, home fence designs have favored using natural materials chosen to fit in well with the surrounding environment. A new idea that provides an enhanced outdoor experience is the look of charred wood. The darker background allows highlighting of the colors and textures of interesting landscape plants and can also emphasize yard décor. The use of charred wood in design, a Japanese art called “Shou Sugi Ban,” provides rich, deep colors in charcoal, gunmetal and chocolate that won’t peel like paint or fade like stain. The technique requires more than just burning to create the subtle color, and surfaces must be properly finished to provide long-lasting intensity. The process is expensive, but the end product is a unique look that gives outdoor areas a simple, yet refined elegance.

These designs can help to give your property a fresh and modern look that sets the stage for all your outdoor pleasures. See how new fencing can give your property a whole new look and feel.

Betty Abernathy

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