Five Items You Must Add to Your Winter Wardrobe


Winter Wardrobe Essential One: Heavy Sweater

A heavy sweater is an essential wardrobe item for both men and women in order to remain warm during cold temperatures. There are a variety of sweaters available, including pullovers, turtlenecks and cardigans. One of the most versatile sweaters is a V-neck because it is possible to layer shirts and T-shirts underneath this garment. By choosing a basic color such as black or red, it is easy to wear a heavy sweater with other garments in a winter wardrobe.

Winter Wardrobe Essential Two: Corduroy Slacks

Nothing is warmer and more classic than a pair of corduroy slacks for wintertime activities. Corduroy fabric is tightly woven and thicker than many other materials, helping to create a pair of slacks that someone can wear outside while attending a football game or building a snowman. The same slacks are also appropriate for casual holiday parties and many work environments. In most cases, slacks made of corduroy are easy to wash and dry, so that someone can have a clean and fresh garment at anytime.

Winter Wardrobe Essential Three: Long-Sleeved Shirt

A long-sleeved shirt is an important garment to have for winter, and it is easy to layer this item with a cardigan or V-necked sweater. Choose a neutral color such as white or off-white that looks suitable for any occasion. For anyone in an extremely cold climate, choosing a shirt made of a heavyweight fabric is important. A lighter weight shirt is a good idea for warmer climates. In most cases, a traditional shirt with a button placket is most suitable, but ladies may want to choose a shirt with a bow at the neck instead.

Winter Wardrobe Essential Four: Winter Boots

In the winter, everyone needs a high-quality pair of winter boots to cope with snowy and icy weather. There are boots with high or low shafts that are made of vinyl, leather or suede. Choosing a pair of boots that is easy to walk in on slippery sidewalks and streets is essential. There are boots in trendy or classic styles in an assortment of colors such as brown, black or tan. Winter boots are an investment, and it is wise to select a pair that will last for many years.

Winter Wardrobe Essential Five: A Winter Coat

A heavy winter coat is a necessity for winter in order to stay warm in cold temperatures and snowstorms. Winter coats are made of wool, cotton or polyester, and many of these garments are also made of quilted fabric that is filled with down. For extra warmth, select a coat with a thick lining and hood, or choose one that has a removable liner for slightly warmer days.

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