Five Ways to Plan the Perfect Luxury Yacht Tour

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One: Contact a Professional Travel Agency

One of the first things that you should do before going on a luxury yacht tour is to contact professional travel agencies to get the best deal. An agent can talk to you about certain types of amenities that you want for extra comfort such as a deluxe size cabin with a regular bed instead of bunk beds. You might want to travel to multiple ports to visit local historical sites or walk along beautiful beaches rather than spend the entire trip on the yacht.

Two: Where Do You Want to Travel?

Perhaps you want to fly to Alaska in the summer to get onboard a yacht that travels along the coastline to photograph wildlife such as seals, polar bears or elk. This type of tour might include going further out to sea to see whales or visit islands where there are penguins. Alternatively, you might want to go to Florida to get onboard a yacht that travels offshore to permit fishing. It is also possible for you to relax on a yacht while sunbathing on the deck instead of trying to do anything else.

Three: Check the Crew’s Training

Before getting on the yacht, verify that the crew has the proper training by checking the state’s licensing regulations. It is especially important to understand the boat captain’s reputation in case an emergency situation such as a major rainstorm occurs while at sea. You need to know if the yacht has emergency supplies, including extra drinking water, life jackets and working radio equipment to contact someone for assistance if a disaster occurs.

Four: Understand What to Pack for Your Tour

You should learn what to bring along for your yacht tour because there are no stores to shop at onboard. While the weather may be sunny and warm when you leave for the tour, the temperature can drop rapidly while on the water. The sleeping quarters on a yacht are not as big as a cruise ship, so you cannot bring along a large assortment of suitcases. Make sure to bring along sunscreen, sunglasses and heavier clothing for breezy days on the yacht’s deck.

Five: Learn About Boat Safety before Going on the Tour

If you have never been on a yacht before, then you need to learn a few rules to remain safe. Unless you are a strong and experienced swimmer, you might want to wear a life jacket at all times to avoid drowning if you fall overboard. It is a good idea to review first aid procedures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation or how to cope with a broken bone in case an injury occurs during the tour.

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