Home Design Ideas: Paint or Wallpaper?


Today many property owners grapple with a perennial dilemma when the time arrives to redecorate: paint or wallpaper? Both solutions offer advantages and disadvantages.

Lovely Wallpaper Options

Wallpaper enjoys a new resurgence in popularity. With many attractive color and pattern choices available, this solution fits most budgets.

Manufacturers currently provide both adhesive-backed and non-adhesive wallpapers. Additionally, buyers who visit a home building center enjoy the ability to flip through massive pattern books and select wallpaper derived from paper, vinyl, fabric, foil or cork. The process of identifying exactly the right colors and motifs sometimes requires extensive periods of time. Adventurous shoppers today often select customized options, too.

Some homeowners prefer wallpaper because it will cover superficial blemishes, such as faint cracks or unsightly repairs in drywall, better than paint. Don’t expect it to conceal structural flaws, however. Large cracks still remain visible beneath wallpaper.

The designers from Oprah note a popular wallpaper trend: wallpaper highlighted with attractive metallic gold or silver elements. These glistening colors brighten a room and help compact spaces appear larger.

For someone seeking to redecorating inexpensively, another useful idea involves placing a narrow strip of wallpaper as an accent along the upper walls in some rooms. If the pattern fits designs in other areas of the home, this step can effectively carry forward a unifying theme without requiring a complete renovation of every room.

Attractive Interior Paint

Of course, property owners enjoy a broad range of redecorating options by using paint to brighten and enliven the premises. Water-based latex varieties offer easier clean-up than oil based selections. By asking a retailer to mix paint for you at the store, you enjoy the ability to select from a myriad of possible colors and shades. Additionally, the availability of several types of finishes gives a decorator the power to impact the home’s appearance strategically. Flat, glossy and high-gloss shines help create significantly different surfaces even within a single room.

People with artistic ability may enjoy modifying the appearance of a wall even further by employing creative application techniques. For example, some owners add textures to walls by daubing them with a damp sponge shortly after applying a coat of paint. This type of effect often produces a striking difference in overall ambiance.

Paint provides an especially forgiving creative medium because immediate repainting takes little effort. One trendy decorating idea involves applying wallpaper-like painted patterns onto walls using templates, such as stencils. This process requires both talent and patience, but may produce very pleasing effects.

Paint Versus Wallpaper?

Both paint and wallpaper can help you achieve a beautiful home decor. The particular options you select for redecorating depend upon your available time, expertise, financial resources and personal preferences.

Betty Abernathy

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