How Often Should I Have My Car Detailed?


You always want your car to look its best. Keeping it free from salt or other chemicals can prevent rust that will eat away at the car’s framework. Keeping your tires free from grime and slush can keep your rims looking shiny and your car looking new for months or years after you buy it. However, the question on most car owner’s minds is how often they should detail their vehicles.

What Is Detailing?

Detailing is the process of making sure every inch of your vehicle is clean, shiny and looks like new. This may mean cleaning the rims and tires with a brush and specialized soap or foam or wiping down the exterior to get rid of dirt and salt. On the inside, you may decide to vacuum the carpet and remove any odors from the air. You would also wipe down the dashboard and any non-carpeted features on the inside to make them look and smell as if you just bought the car.

When Does Detailing Make Sense?

Detailing is most often done when you are about to sell the car to a private party. While you may also want to detail prior to trading it in to a dealer, the fact is that the dealer is going to value your car the same regardless of how it looks. You detail prior to selling to a private party because you want that person to see the car in pristine condition, which may justify your asking price. Detailing may also be worthwhile if you notice that there are strange smells coming from the car or if there are noticeable stains that you just can’t stand anymore.

How Often Should You Have Your Car Detailed?

There is no set time frame in which you should have your car detailed. In other words, you don’t need to clean the interior every 3,000 miles or scrub down the rims every six months. Instead, you can perform any necessary detailing based on personal preferences. Even if you don’t fully detail the car on a regular basis, it is important to wash it, vacuum the interior and take care of minor dents and scratches as they occur.

Getting your car detailed can make it look great and feel better to drive in. If you have kids or pets, you can rest assured that there will be stains and odors that accumulate over time. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to look for a car wash or auto body shop that offers detailing for a reasonable price.

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