Bloody Disaster: 3 Tricks to removing Stains from Clothing

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There is nothing more frustrating than having a child come home with their brand-new outfit full of stains or having coffee spilled on a blouse at work. While stains can be frustrating, it is possible to remove them without sacrificing the clothing or too much time. The next time a spill disaster occurs, try one of these three tricks to get the stain out.

Boiling Water, Vinegar and Toothpaste

The vibrant colors of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries make look great in a salad, but the same colors on clothing can mean a disastrous stain. Boiling water, vinegar and toothpaste can be used to remove a variety of food stains, including stains from berry spills.

To try this technique, immediately take the soiled garment and stretch it tightly over a bowl. Pour boiling water all over the stain and into the bowl below the fabric. This will remove much of the stain. Next, pour white vinegar in a separate bowl. Place the garment into the vinegar and let it sit for one hour. Ring out the excess vinegar and inspect the clothing; if a stain still remains, apply whitening toothpaste to the area and rub until it has disappeared.

Boiling Water and Lemons

Over time, white clothing can become stained with sweat, dirt and oils. These everyday stains may not show up on colored garments but can ruin a white shirt. To naturally remove stains and brighten whites, boiling water and lemons can be used.

Fill a large pot with water and bring it to a boil on the stove. Add three sliced lemons to the water as it simmers. Once it comes to a boil, turn off the heat and gently place the clothing into the water. Let sit for an hour and then launder as usual. Spreading them out to dry in the sunlight will whiten any stained areas even further.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Stains that contain proteins, such as blood and vomit, can be extremely difficult to remove. Proteins react to chemicals and bind to one another when exposed to heat, making them hard to remove from clothing using typical methods.

Hydrogen peroxide is effective against protein stains. Remove any excess materials from the stain by blotting with a white cloth or scraping it with a butter knife. Rinse the fabric under cool water and lay it on top of the counter. Pour three percent hydrogen peroxide onto the stain and let it sit for one minute. Rinse the fabric thoroughly and repeat until the stain is completely gone. For protein stains that have dried, mix one teaspoon of the hydrogen peroxide with cream of tartar until a paste has formed. Rub it on gently with a toothbrush, let sit for one minute and rinse.

No matter the stain, experts say that the sooner it is treated, the better chance it has of coming out forever. The next time red punch is spilled, don’t stress about the stain. With these three techniques, clothing will be cleaned and look brand-new once again.

5 Common Misconceptions Society has about Scientology


Every religion has their own share of doubters and naysayers who oppose contemporary religious movements. However, Scientology is not a cult, but a unique American religious organization. Below introduces five of the most common misperceptions that people have about Scientology.

Scientology is Just a Cult
Many religions experience a rocky beginning. Christianity was considered to be a cult by Roman authorities, Protestants and Catholic extremists considered the other to be a cult and fought bloody wars during the late middle ages. Latter Day Saints (Mormons), Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventist have all experienced harsh treatment from the public and the media. However, all religions share basic virtues and ideas that form their conceptual understanding of the universe. Scientology is no different from other churches and also has a belief in the ultimate truth and reality.

Scientologists are Non-Denominational
Scientology is frequently described as being non-denominational and thus excluding certain sects. However, Scientology is actually identical to most major Asian religions, such as Taoism, Buddhism, Shintoism and Hinduism. All of these Asian religions are very diverse, but they openly embrace and integrate with other religions. In similar fashion, Scientology members can actually simultaneously belong to other sects. However, many sects of Islam, Judaism and Christianity have strict membership rules that forbid affiliation with different religious groups.

Scientologists Worship Bizarre Aliens
L. Ron Hubbard began his career as a prolific science fiction writer. Therefore, many outsiders confuse Hubbard’s creative works with the core teachings of Scientology. Like most religions, Scientologists believe people are spiritual beings and that intelligent life exists throughout the universe. However, certain critics claim that Scientologists worship aliens that live inside people. Coincidently, Jesus claimed that the kingdom of heaven existed in the hearts of men.

Scientologists are Abusive
There have been notable media stories about horrifying stories that recount abusive and controlling treatment of members within Scientology branches. However, many religions have different beliefs when it comes to sacrifice and spiritual cleansing. For example, Jehovah’s Witnesses will not allow blood transfusions based on their understanding of Old Testament teachings. Mormon members famously pay their own way to serve two-year missions all around the world. The month of Ramadan in Islamic countries is strictly enforced as believers prioritize humanitarian donations over eating.

Scientology is Rigid and Dogmatic
Scientology does have specific rules and guidelines for how their members should behave. However, all religions have their own unique dogmatic rules. For example, Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, had a revelation known as the Word of Wisdom which is still in practice today. It forbids the consumption of coffee, alcohol and tobacco products. On the other hand, Jehovah’s Witnesses are firm pacifists that famously refused to fight in World War II. However, they made significant contributions to humanitarian aid in Europe.

Overall, many people still believe that Scientology is a cult because they limited exposure and understanding of the core teachings.

Fencing Feng Shui: 3 Fencing Trends for 2016


Fences are not simply structures that separate property lines. They provide a background for landscaping and a setting for outdoor activities. Fencing enjoys trends like other design elements. Today’s homeowners want their fencing to provide a distinctive look to their properties so that they can better enjoy outdoor relaxing, dining and entertaining in an attractive environment. Here are some fencing designs that help to create a conducive atmosphere for these activities:

Horizontal Lines
In the past, fencing was commonly placed in vertical slats or panels that could be either separated or overlapped to provide privacy and security. However, current trends are moving toward horizontal slats that create a more restful feeling in yard areas. Horizontal lines draw the human eye along the length of the fence instead of up and down, which provides a sense of spaciousness and movement.

Staggered Heights
Fencing set in staggered heights is becoming a popular trend because it adds more interest instead of straight lines at the top. Staggered fencing can follow the natural contours of a property, which gives yard areas a more fluid feeling. In rural areas or those where wildlife intrusion is a problem, the staggered panels should be at least 8 feet high to keep out deer and other animals that can easily leap lower sections when they smell tasty vegetation on the other side. In addition, fencing should also be set into the ground to avoid animals that are prone to burrowing under fences to reach food.

Dark Backgrounds
In recent years, home fence designs have favored using natural materials chosen to fit in well with the surrounding environment. A new idea that provides an enhanced outdoor experience is the look of charred wood. The darker background allows highlighting of the colors and textures of interesting landscape plants and can also emphasize yard décor. The use of charred wood in design, a Japanese art called “Shou Sugi Ban,” provides rich, deep colors in charcoal, gunmetal and chocolate that won’t peel like paint or fade like stain. The technique requires more than just burning to create the subtle color, and surfaces must be properly finished to provide long-lasting intensity. The process is expensive, but the end product is a unique look that gives outdoor areas a simple, yet refined elegance.

These designs can help to give your property a fresh and modern look that sets the stage for all your outdoor pleasures. See how new fencing can give your property a whole new look and feel.

5 Party Ideas for your Artistic Child’s Birthday


Your little artist is having a birthday and you want their day to be just as creative as they are. Birthday in a Box has a kit that you can purchase, or you can do it yourself. Here are five ideas for your child’s next birthday party:

Cupcake Decorating
One of the best things about a birthday party is the cake. So why not let your child, and everyone else’s, show their artistic ability by decorating their own cupcake. Make the cupcakes yourself at home or order plain cupcakes from a local bakery. Grab a couple cans of icing and some fun sprinkles at the grocery store and place them in bowls around a table, so they are in easy arm reach for the kids. Make sure to include spoons with icing. The kids will love digging into a cupcake that they just created themselves.

Grab Bag/Favor Bag Decorating
Kids love getting favor bags at the end of a party, so letting them decorate their own bag only adds to their excitement. All you need is some basic paper bags (even brown lunch bags will work!), stickers, and crayons. Make sure each kid puts their name on their bag for easy identification later. When they are all done, collect them and stuff them with your chosen goodies.

Paint a Picture
Set up a paint station for one of their activities. If you have access to a set of easels, that is great. If not, just cover a couple of table with either newspapers or a disposable table cloth. Give each child a large piece of paper or a blank canvas and let them get their creativity on. Let the kids get really creative by setting up a brushless paint station.

Need an activity that doesn’t involve paint? Try sculpting. Give each kid a container of Play-Doh as their sculpting clay. Call out a birthday item (candle, cupcake, balloon, etc.) and give the kids a set amount of time to try and sculpt them out of the Play-Doh. Allow them to show them off and then have the smash them to get ready for the next sculpture. They can take the Play-Doh home as their favor, as an added bonus!

Your child is an artist, so let them show off their skills by creating some of the decorations. Let them make the signs that will lead to the party, or if they can’t write yet, let them decorate them. Have them make pictures that will hang around the party. They will love getting to show off their abilities to all of the guests.

Why Long Term Financial Adjustments Win


Budgeting and financial planning are two areas where many people struggle, and you may be looking for effective strategies to improve your financial situation. Some people will make short-term plans to reduce expenses or to make investments, but long-term financial adjustments are often a better option. With greater examination of why long-term adjustments are beneficial, you may be able to create new plans for your budget and investments that will help you to achieve your goals.

Cutting Expenses From Your Budget
Many who decide to take steps to improve their financial situation will do their best to cut expenses from their budget, but some changes are only short-term in nature. For example, you may decide to start using coupons at the grocery store or to take a brown bag lunch to work every day rather than eat out. These are ways to save money, but they require your regular effort in order to achieve savings. When you make long-term adjustments to your budget, you can enjoy having lower expenses each month without taking regular steps to do so. For example, you could refinance your car loan to set up a lower monthly payment. Generally, the long-term adjustments may also yield greater results than the short-term adjustments you may make.

Regular Savings and Investment Plans
Some will make savings and investments on a manual basis. For example, you may transfer money into your savings account when you have extra funds available to do so, or you may purchase investments without regularity. Inevitably, however, many people will not have the money available in their budget each month to save an ideal amount. Setting up an automated savings and investment plan and incorporating that into your budget will help to ensure that you always have funds available for this purpose. It also will eliminate the need to remember to save money each month, and the savings and investments will occur regularly regardless of how busy you are on any given month. If you are struggling to increase savings and investment account balances through your own efforts, making long-term adjustments can help you to achieve better results.

There are numerous steps that you can take to improve your financial situation. Some short-term adjustments may be necessary from time to time, but it is important to incorporate adjustments that make it easier for you to achieve your goals. You can begin by creating a plan that outlines your mid-range and long-term financial objectives that you want to meet. Then, you can make financial adjustments to your expenses, savings and investments so that you set yourself on a path to achieve success with your goals.


Business Solutions: Manage Better Time with Wall Clocks


Time is among the most critical elements of a workday, and everything from efficiency to productivity and promptness will be based on it. As a manager or business owner, you may be focused on ways to better manage time yourself as well as to encourage your employees to do the same throughout the day. Many will go to great lengths to improve their own efforts and their employees in this area, but one of the best steps you can take may be far easier than you may think. Investing in a wall clock for your business can enhance your efforts and help you to achieve the results you desire.

The Ability to Quickly Tell Time
There are numerous strategies and techniques that you can research and implement in order to improve time management, efficiency and productivity, but these may be difficult to incorporate into your daily business activities if you cannot quickly and easily determine what time it is. In many work environments, there are numerous clocks and watches that you will be able to see, but they may not be easy to easy or noticeable. A large wall clock may be strategically placed so that you can glance up and determine the time when you are on the phone, walking to a meeting, working at the computer or performing other activities. This will ensure that you are always aware of what time it is regardless of what you are doing or where you are located in the room.

A Noticeable Feature
Even when you have a clock on your laptop or desktop PC, a readout on your smartphone or a watch on your wrist, the unfortunate reality is that you may not notice these features. You will not be able to determine what time it is if you do not look at the clock. Some wall clocks are several feet in length and may be a foot or more tall. They also may have large, easy-to-read numerals that can catch your eye. When you are selecting a wall clock to purchase and to hang on the wall in your office, look for a noticeable feature that will catch your eye even when you are not actively trying to tell what time it is.

Productivity, efficiency and overall time management are important to your business activities, but in order to improve time management, you will need to have access to a clock that is both noticeable and easy to read. There are numerous clocks that are available for you to hang on the wall in your office, but you may consider finding a clock that has a large display and features that are easy for you and others to ready.

Temporary Generators Still Shouldn’t Cut Corners


When do you need a generator?
There isn’t much worse than settling in for a quiet night at home only to have the power shut off. At best you’ll end up reading a book by candle light, or going to bed early, to wake up and find the power has been restored overnight. The worst case scenario can be far more impactful. If power isn’t restored quickly, not only are you forced to suffer the mild inconveniences like getting dressed in the dark and going without any sort of electronic entertainment, you must also contend with more serious issues, like an inability to cook your food without an open flame, and the need to preserve any refrigerated or frozen foods you have. If the outage extends beyond a few days, you may find yourself in dire need of power, or you face a serious degradation of your quality of life.

Why choose a standby generator?
In an emergency situation like this, a backup generator can mean the difference between mild inconvenience and significant property damage/loss. If the area you live in is prone to blackouts or brownouts or if you simply want to avoid some of the discomfort that comes with power outages, a backup generator can be an excellent resource. Having a standby generator can save homeowners a lot of stress during extreme weather and power outages. Determining the right system for your home can be tricky, but there are resources out there that can help you find out which systems are right for you.

What sorts of problems could lesser generators cause?
Not all generators are created equal, however. William Pentland discusses some of the issues with smaller, off the shelf generators in his article on Forbes. Essentially, these smaller generators cut corners everywhere they can. Since they aren’t meant to be used for extended periods of time, they’re held to a far lower standard than more robust systems. This means that smaller, off the shelf generators can suffer from reliability issues. If they’re used for much longer than their rated times, they can begin to fail, or perform inconsistently, potentially causing just as many problems as you might have without it. At the very least, these devices aren’t made to run very efficiently, and you’ll likely using quite a bit of fuel, be it gasoline or propane, to keep them running. Not only is this costly, it’s also quite bad for the environment.

What are some solutions?
Professionally installed standby generators can offer peace of mind in the face of serious weather issues. They can keep vital home appliances running during power outages, and help homeowners maintain their standard of living through these times. Buyers should beware of cheap, inefficient generators because, while they may offer short term relief, they aren’t likely to be long term solutions.

Car Wreck, No Injury: Should I Contact an Attorney?

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If you have been in a car accident and were not hurt in the crash, should you call an attorney? The answer to that question depends on the specific circumstances surrounding the accident. In some cases, an injury that isn’t apparent immediately after you are hit may present itself several weeks or months after it happens.

Does the Other Driver Have Insurance?

Depending on where the accident occurred, the other driver may be required to pay for any damage done to your car. If he or she doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance, it could mean that the driver has to pay for the damage out of his or her own pocket. In such a scenario, you would still want to hire an attorney to make sure that you got what you are owed to pay for repairs to your vehicle or to buy a new car if your old one was totaled.

Did You Miss Work Because of the Accident?

You may be entitled to lost wages if you were forced to miss work because of the accident or any reason. For instance, if not having a car prevented you from going to the office or forced you to miss a meeting with a client, the driver who caused that accident may be required to compensate you for that. While the other driver may do so willingly, an attorney will ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve if the other driver is not willing to negotiate.

Seeing an Attorney Preserves Your Rights

An attorney may be able to help you make sure that you preserve your rights even if you don’t think that you were hurt in an accident. You may be advised to see a doctor or take other steps that would help prove that any future injuries were caused by the accident. Having legal counsel may also make it easier to deal with any settlement offers by the other driver’s insurance company that may try be worth less than what you are actually entitled to.

After a car accident, you should never assume that you are not injured or that seeing an attorney is a waste of time. If you develop shoulder pain or notice a bone was broken several days later, you may have a harder time proving that the injury occurred in the accident. Therefore, do your due diligence and seek the advice of an attorney who may review your case and provide as much assistance as possible.

Beginner Investors: How to Build a Laundromat Business


Starting a Laundromat business is a unique entrepreneurial opportunity for anyone interested in offering a valuable service to the public. However, as explained below, the unappealing Laundromats of the past are being replaced by modern, user-friendly businesses.

The Laundromat Revolution
Laundromats have a notorious reputation for being unclean and unpleasant places with sketchy customers. However, according to Entrepreneur magazine, modern Laundromats are now multi-service businesses with plenty to offer their customers. For example, newer Laundromats offer everything from snack bars to video game consoles to kid-friendly play areas. Even better, coin-operated washer and dryers are being replaced with machines that use convenient swipe cards. Laundromats also offer value added services, such as dry-cleaning and drop-off services. This means that the customer can save time through simply dropping off and picking up their clothing at their convenience. Some Laundromats are taking this to the next level through offering a complete pick up and drop off service, which means they will pick up the clothes at the clients’ home and drop them off after the service is finished.

Buying vs. Building a Laundromat Business

Purchasing an existing Laundromat will come with a detailed sales history. Therefore, the potential investor will be able to assess the Laundromat’s performance and observe the current customer base. However, most people won’t sell a profitable Laundromat unless they are retiring. If the investor is serious about buying an existing Laundromat, they must carefully assess whether they will have to upgrade their machines to a digital smart card laundry system. On the other hand, building your own Laundromat will most likely involved financed equipment, which means there will be lower start-up costs and thus more resources for other important things. New equipment will also come with warranties, so the operating and maintenance costs of the first few years will be low. Fortunately, there are proven ways to calculate the potential costs of starting a Laundromat business.

Laundromat Basics
Laundromats don’t just laundry clothes; they are a customer-service based enterprise that requires the entrepreneur to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Entrepreneurs who are organized and enthusiastic will excel in the Laundromat business. Laundromat owners must perform basic business tasks, such as promptly opening, cleaning and closing the store. They must collect money, change machines and stock vending items. They will also have to increase their basic maintenance skills and knowledge in order to keep their machines operating. Therefore, they must be familiar with preventative maintenance management. They may also be required to supervise other employees and even assist customers wash and fold their clothing.

In summary, starting a Laundromat business is an excellent business opportunity for anyone who wants to invest their money into a proven money making enterprise.

5 Expert Franchiser Quotes (and what they mean)

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Many entrepreneurs may struggle with their franchise because they lack business experience or business acumen. However, the following five quotes from top business leaders will provide inspiration and information to anyone who wants to start a franchise.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs was one of the most influential entrepreneurs and visionaries who helped revolutionize technology and how people access digital media and information. Steve Jobs famously said, “your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” This means that many people become entrapped in the destructive and narrow minded viewpoints of other people. As a result, they are imprisoned by second-hand ignorance and resistance to change. Steve Jobs did this and so much more. In the end, he transformed how people and technology interact.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates is equally as important as Steve Jobs, but in different ways. Mr. Gates’ led the creation of his company Microsoft, which created the personal computer industry. In fact, their products and services are the golden standard for both personal and commercial computer programs. Bill Gates famously said, “it’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” In other words, business people must have a level head when it comes to dealing with their success.

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett is considered to be the most successful investor in all business history. His advice and decisions are valued by millions of investors, business people and even franchises around the country. Mr. Buffet famously said, “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” This means that entrepreneurs must consider PR management and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to be among their top priorities.

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos is the CEO and chairman Amazon, which is the largest online retailer in the world. Amazon was one of the first companies to embrace e-commerce and as a result, they are the global e-commerce leader. Mr. Bezos famously said, “you don’t choose your passions; your passions choose you.” This means that people shouldn’t force themselves to engage in activities that they aren’t truly committed to. Instead, they should find empowerment through following their interests and inspirations.

Henry Ford
Henry Ford, the entrepreneur who created the American car industry, famously said that “whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right!” While this adage is old, it still rings true today. Entrepreneurs must understand that their attitude will determine their personal and business future.

In the end, all entrepreneurs should seek and follow the wisdom of successful business moguls. Doing so will help them follow their dreams and intuitions, develop their professional skills and adapt to market changes.