Commercial Truck Insurance: Getting a Quote


If your business uses a vehicle for commercial purposes, you likely are required to purchase commercial truck insurance rather than private insurance. More than that, there are special coverage requirements in place for commercial vehicles that you must comply with as well, and these vary by state. It is important to understand these requirements as well as any other requirements that may be in place, such as from your truck lender, before you get a quote for coverage.

The Different Types of Commercial Truck Insurance Available
Just as there are different types of private vehicle insurance available, the same holds true for commercial vehicles. Most commercial vehicle owners will be required to purchase liability coverage that complies with state laws, and these typically are different than the liability coverage requirements for personal use vehicles. In addition, commercial truck insurance can include collision and comprehensive coverage as well as personal injury and contents coverage. If your truck will be used to haul equipment, products or other items, contents coverage can be very important.

How Your Use of the Truck Impacts Coverage Needs
The use of the commercial truck will dramatically impact coverage needs, and the type of truck that is being insured will also have an effect on coverage needs. In many locations, the coverage requirements for a pick-up truck used for commercial purposes will be different than a semi-truck or 18-wheeler. The types of products that are being transported as well as if passengers will be transported in the vehicle also will impact coverage needs. Those that are used to haul gasoline or hazardous chemicals, for example, may have significantly more substantial coverage requirements than those used to haul boxes of clothing.

Insuring a Fleet Versus an Individual Vehicle
Some small businesses may only have one or two vehicles that need to be insured, but others may have a fleet of commercial trucks that need insurance. Some insurance companies specialize in insuring fleets, and they may provide you with a better overall rate in some cases when you insure the entire fleet with them. However, it is generally a wise idea to compare coverage options thoroughly to find the right plan at the right price.

If you have a commercial truck or several trucks that need to be insured, take time to learn more about the unique coverage requirements in place for each vehicle. In addition, learn about any specific lender requirements for the vehicles. These factors will provide you with the minimum coverage you need to shop for when gathering quotes, but you may consider the benefits of purchasing additional coverage even if it is not required. These tips can help you to ensure that your vehicles are fully insured and that you comply with all local rules and regulations.

Home Design Ideas: Paint or Wallpaper?


Today many property owners grapple with a perennial dilemma when the time arrives to redecorate: paint or wallpaper? Both solutions offer advantages and disadvantages.

Lovely Wallpaper Options

Wallpaper enjoys a new resurgence in popularity. With many attractive color and pattern choices available, this solution fits most budgets.

Manufacturers currently provide both adhesive-backed and non-adhesive wallpapers. Additionally, buyers who visit a home building center enjoy the ability to flip through massive pattern books and select wallpaper derived from paper, vinyl, fabric, foil or cork. The process of identifying exactly the right colors and motifs sometimes requires extensive periods of time. Adventurous shoppers today often select customized options, too.

Some homeowners prefer wallpaper because it will cover superficial blemishes, such as faint cracks or unsightly repairs in drywall, better than paint. Don’t expect it to conceal structural flaws, however. Large cracks still remain visible beneath wallpaper.

The designers from Oprah note a popular wallpaper trend: wallpaper highlighted with attractive metallic gold or silver elements. These glistening colors brighten a room and help compact spaces appear larger.

For someone seeking to redecorating inexpensively, another useful idea involves placing a narrow strip of wallpaper as an accent along the upper walls in some rooms. If the pattern fits designs in other areas of the home, this step can effectively carry forward a unifying theme without requiring a complete renovation of every room.

Attractive Interior Paint

Of course, property owners enjoy a broad range of redecorating options by using paint to brighten and enliven the premises. Water-based latex varieties offer easier clean-up than oil based selections. By asking a retailer to mix paint for you at the store, you enjoy the ability to select from a myriad of possible colors and shades. Additionally, the availability of several types of finishes gives a decorator the power to impact the home’s appearance strategically. Flat, glossy and high-gloss shines help create significantly different surfaces even within a single room.

People with artistic ability may enjoy modifying the appearance of a wall even further by employing creative application techniques. For example, some owners add textures to walls by daubing them with a damp sponge shortly after applying a coat of paint. This type of effect often produces a striking difference in overall ambiance.

Paint provides an especially forgiving creative medium because immediate repainting takes little effort. One trendy decorating idea involves applying wallpaper-like painted patterns onto walls using templates, such as stencils. This process requires both talent and patience, but may produce very pleasing effects.

Paint Versus Wallpaper?

Both paint and wallpaper can help you achieve a beautiful home decor. The particular options you select for redecorating depend upon your available time, expertise, financial resources and personal preferences.

A Limo Service For Prom: Stay Safe While Having Fun

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Prom is supposed to be a special night. It’s important for everyone to stay safe while still managing to have lots of fun. Fortunately, a limo service can provide both safety and excitement.

It’s true that finding the perfect dress or tux for prom night is very important. However, the transportation that you use to get to prom is just as important. A limo is a great way to travel to prom in style.

It’s beneficial for parents because they can rest assured that their kids are getting to the event safely. A limo service can be used as transportation to prom, but it can also provide transportation for any post-prom events.

Why Hire A Limo Service For Prom Night?

If you remember your prom night, making an entrance was a big deal. Sending the kids to prom in a limo is an excellent way to make an entrance. Your kids will be envied by other classmates when they arrive to the event in a luxurious limousine.

Most high school students view prom as a very important night. In fact, most view it as a major milestone on their path to becoming independent, which means they don’t want to show up to the event with their parents driving. A limo service is one of the safest and easiest ways to make sure your kids make an entrance when arriving at prom.

Traveling With Friends and Creating Memories

A limo service makes it possible for high school students to travel with friends while creating memories that will last forever.

Since prom is a social event, most students want to arrive to the event in a large group. Most standard vehicles cannot hold more than a few students.

On the flipside, a limousine can safely transport as many as 20 students to the event. One of the most important benefits of the limo service is safe transport, which would be difficult with a standard vehicle packed with too many students.

Don’t Stress About the Details

For most high school students, prom is the biggest and most important night of their time attending high school. After they’ve decided what to wear and chosen a date, they don’t want to stress about the details. For example, they don’t want to stress about parking, directions and arrival times.

The good news is that a limo service handles all of these details. Most limo services offer flexible scheduling, so a limo can be rented for the main event, but it can also be scheduled for post-prom events, such as entertainment, theaters and later parties.

Many parents choose to hire a limo service for 10 hours, which will take care of the entire night. Although it can be somewhat expensive, a limo service for prom provides safety and lets students truly have fun.

Does Carpet Cleaning Damage Carpet?


Since as long as it has been installed inside homes, carpet has been keeping homes comfortably and beautiful. When you have any amount of carpeting inside of your home, you’ll have to clean it regularly.

There are several different methods that can be used to clean a carpet, and one of the most popular is steam cleaning. A carpet should be vacuumed regularly, and the deep cleaning should be left to the steam cleaner.

There is a myth that steam cleaning your carpet can cause damage. Before answering this question, it’s useful to understand the process of steam cleaning.

How Carpet Steam Cleaning Works

Another name for this process is hot water extraction. It’s one of the most popular ways to clean. It can be used to provide your carpet with a deep, restorative clean.

Before you try to clean your carpet, you should check the manufacturer recommended guidelines because they will tell you what is safe to use on your specific carpet and what isn’t.

The truth is that carpet cleaning can cause damage if you use chemicals or techniques that are not suitable for the carpeting in your home. In fact, a number of different cleaning chemicals can damage the construction, dyes and fibers that your carpet is made from.

The Process

Despite its name, steam cleaning doesn’t actually use live stream. Instead, it uses hot water. The first step of the process involves removing all of the furniture and performing extensive vacuuming. The next step involves using your steam cleaner to apply a mix of hot water and detergent.

When combined with the agitation from the steam equipment, most of the contaminants will be loosed and removed from the carpet. One of the best ways to avoid damaging your carpet is to avoid using too much moisture.

The wet vacuuming that you perform towards the end of the cleaning should remove the majority of the moisture leftover in the carpet. It’s crucial to get the carpet to dry as quickly as possible after steam cleaning it.

An excellent way to almost guarantee your carpet won’t get damaged from cleaning is to hire professionals. At the very least, you’ll be protected by a service warranty, so if the professionals damage your carpet, they’ll have to replace it.

Tips for Carpet Care

When it comes to the question of whether or not carpet cleaning can cause damage, the short answer is yes. The good news, however, is that you now have the knowledge needed to avoid causing damage. Read the manufacturer guidelines to discover and apply the safest and most effective cleaning technique for your carpet.